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    Craig Kunimoto, Jeff G. Miller & Harold Pashler (2001). Confidence and Accuracy of Near-Threshold Discrimination Responses. Consciousness and Cognition 10 (3):294-340.
    This article reports four subliminal perception experiments using the relationship between confidence and accuracy to assess awareness. Subjects discriminated among stimuli and indicated their confidence in each discrimination response. Subjects were classified as being aware of the stimuli if their confidence judgments predicted accuracy and as being unaware if they did not. In the first experiment, confidence predicted accuracy even at stimulus durations so brief that subjects claimed to be performing at chance. This finding indicates that subjects's claims that they (...)
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  2. Judy A. Trevena & Jeff G. Miller (2002). Cortical Movement Preparation Before and After a Conscious Decision to Move. Consciousness and Cognition 10 (2):162-90.
    The idea that our conscious decisions determine our actions has been challenged by a report suggesting that the brain starts to prepare for a movement before the person concerned has consciously decided to move . Libet et al. claimed that their results show that our actions are not consciously initiated. The current article describes two experiments in which we attempted to replicate Libet et al.'s comparison of participants' movement-related brain activity with the reported times of their decisions to move and (...)
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    M. T. Alkire & Jeff G. Miller (2006). General Anesthesia and the Neural Correlates of Consciousness. In Steven Laureys (ed.), Boundaries of Consciousness. Elsevier
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    Jeff G. Miller (2000). Measurement Error in Subliminal Perception Experiments: Simulation Analyses of Two Regression Methods. Journal of Experimental Psychology 26:1461-1477.
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    Jeff G. Miller & Judy A. Trevena (2002). Cortical Movement Preparation and Conscious Decisions: Averaging Artifacts and Timing Biases. Consciousness and Cognition 11 (2):308-313.
  6. Jeff G. Miller (1952). The Experimental Study of Unconscious Processes. In M.L. Reymert (ed.), Feelings and Emotions. McGraw-Hill
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  7. Jeff G. Miller (1951). Unconscious Processes and Perception. In R.R. Blake & G.V. Ramsey (eds.), Perception. Ronald Press
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