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  1. Jeffrey A. Bell, Vikki Bell, Judith Butler, Daniel A. Dombrowski, Jeremy D. Fackenthal, Kirsten M. Gerdes, Sigridur Guðmarsdóttir, Catherine Keller, Matthew S. LoPresti, Astrid Lorange, Randy Ramal & Alan Van Wyk (2012). Butler on Whitehead: On the Occasion. Lexington Books.
    Considered together, Butler and Whitehead draw from a wide palette of disciplines to develop distinctive theories of becoming, of syntactical violence, and creative opportunities of limitation. The contributors of this volume offer a unique contribution to and for the humanities in the struggles of politics, economy, ecology, and the arts.
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    Jeffrey A. Bell (2013). "The World is an Egg": Realism, Mathematics, and the Thresholds of DIfference. Speculations:65-70.
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    Jeffrey A. Bell (2008). History Undone: Towards a Deleuzo-Guattarian Philosophy of History. [REVIEW] Deleuze Studies 2 (1):109-119.
    For those familiar with the work of Deleuze, and Deleuze and Guattari, it might at first seem unwise to pursue a Deleuze and Guattarian philosophy of history. After all, is it not Deleuze who, in an interview with Antonio Negri, argues that ‘What history grasps in an event is the way it’s actualized in particular circumstances; the event's becoming is beyond the scope of history'? (Deleuze 1995: 170). And more damningly, Deleuze adds, ‘History isn’t experimental, it's just the set of (...)
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    Jeffrey A. Bell (2003). Reduction and Givenness. International Studies in Philosophy 35 (4):356-357.
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    Jeffrey A. Bell (1995). Philosophizing the Double-Bind. Philosophy Today 39 (4):371-390.
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