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    Jeffrey D. Milyo & Jennifer M. Mellor (1999). Is Inequality Bad for Our Health? Critical Review 13 (3-4):359-372.
    Abstract A number of recent studies suggest that income and social inequality (as opposed to poverty itself) have detrimental consequences on people's health. These studies argue that while the poor may suffer the most from inequality, the rich also suffer. On closer inspection, however, it emerges that the basic arguments and evidence that inequality has a causal effect on health are wanting in many respects.
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    Tim Groseclose & Jeffrey Milyo (2005). A Social‐Science Perspective on Media Bias. Critical Review 17 (3-4):305-314.
    Abstract The questions of whether the news media are biased, and if so, in what direction, typically generate more heat than light. Here, we review some of the most recent and meritorious empirical studies on media bias. This evidence suggests that several prominent national news outlets have a distinct slant to the left or right, and that exposure to these sources influences both public opinion and voting behavior.
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