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    Jeffrey Brian Downard (2004). Nietzsche and Kant on the Pure Impulse to Truth. Journal of Nietzsche Studies 27 (1):18-41.
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    Jeffrey Brian Downard (2000). The Common Law and the Forms of Reasoning. International Journal for the Semiotics of Law - Revue Internationale de Sémiotique Juridique 13 (4):377-406.
    The purpose of this article is to examine how various forms of reasoning both can and should be used to decide cases in the common law tradition. I start by separating positive questions about what the law is from normative questions about what the law ought to be. Next, I present a Peircean account of three main forms of reasoning – deduction, induction and abduction – and examine how they can be used by judges to decide cases in the common (...)
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    Jeffrey Downard (2009). Natural Purposes and the Category of Community. International Philosophical Quarterly 49 (4):485-499.
    In the second part of the Critique of Judgment, Immanuel Kant provides a transcendental analysis of the bases of our right to employ teleological conceptions in biology. A living organism exemplifies the conception of a natural end insofar as the organization of the parts to form a whole is the result of a process in which the organism is both cause and effect of itself. Kant’s analysis of the concept of a natural purpose is guided, in part, by his general (...)
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    Jeffrey Downard (2006). The Color of the Sublime is White. Contemporary Aesthetics 4.
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