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    John B. Bingham, Jeffery A. Thompson, James Oldroyd, Jeffrey S. Bednar & J. Stuart Bunderson (2008). The Effects of Ideological Work Beliefs on Organizational Influence. Proceedings of the International Association for Business and Society 19:80-91.
    We explore psychological contracts as mechanisms by which individuals gain influence in organizations. Using two distinct research settings and longitudinal analysis, we demonstrate that ideological contracts endow individuals with increased centrality in the organization’s influence network. More generally, we propose that an important outcome of different psychological contract types may be how they affect the nature of influence in organizations.
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    James A. Bednar (2000). Internally-Generated Activity, Non-Episodic Memory, and Emotional Salience in Sleep. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 (6):908-909.
    (1) Substituting (as Solms does) forebrain for brainstem in the search for a dream “controller” is counterproductive, since a distributed system need have no single controller. (2) Evidence against episodic memory consolidation does not show that REM sleep has no role in other types of memory, contra Vertes & Eastman. (3) A generalization of Revonsuo's “threat simulation” model in reverse is more plausible and is empirically testable. [Hobson et al.; Solms; Revonsuo; Vertes & Eastman].
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