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    Jennifer Everett (2001). Environmental Ethics, Animal Welfarism, and the Problem of Predation: A Bambi Lover's Respect for Nature. Ethics and the Environment 6 (1):42-67.
    : Many environmentalists criticize as unecological the emphasis that animal liberationists and animal rights theorists place on preventing animal suffering. The strong form of their objection holds that both theories ab-surdly entail a duty to intervene in wild predation. The weak form holds that animal welfarists must at least regard predation as bad, and that this stance reflects an arrogance toward nature that true environmentalists should reject. This paper disputes both versions of the predation critique. Animal welfarists are not committed (...)
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    Jennifer Everett & Shelley Wilcox (1998). Moral Discourse and Social Responsibility: Comments on Machan's Critique of Jaggar. Journal of Social Philosophy 29 (3):142-152.
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    Jennifer Everett (2002). Book Review: Steven M. Wise. Foreward by Jane Goodall. Rattling the Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animals. Cambridge, Mass.: Perseus Books, 2000. [REVIEW] Ethics and the Environment 7 (1):147-153.
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    Jennifer Everett (2002). Rattling the Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animals (Review). Ethics and the Environment 7 (1):147-153.