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Profile: Jennifer Nelson (Griffith University)
  1. Jennifer Nelson (2003). Women of Color and the Reproductive Rights Movement.
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    Donna Jeffery & Jennifer Nelson (2011). 'What Are We To Do About Difference?': Race, Culture and the Ethical Encounter. Ethics and Social Welfare 5 (3):247-265.
    This paper is based on the findings from a study in which social workers in healthcare settings were asked for their perspectives on cultural and racial difference as these apply to their practice with racialized clients. In examining the varied practice philosophies and approaches they employ, we find that older practice models based on problematized knowledge about racialized Others are being, alternately, reinstated and contested. In grappling with how to practise, participants describe approaches that, in many cases, effectively individualize clients (...)
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    Jennifer Nelson, Arvind Venkat & Moira Davenport (2014). Responding to the Refusal of Care in the Emergency Department. Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics 4 (1):75-80.
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