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    Jeremy Holmes (1993). Between Art and Science: Essays in Psychotherapy and Psychiatry. Tavistock/Routledge.
    In the first collection of his essays to be published, Jeremy Holmes discusses the wider application of psychotherapy within psychiatry and suggests that psychoanalysis needs to escape from its esotericism by taking into account contemporary advances in cognitive science, family therapy and the realities of psychiatric work in a public health setting. Illustrating his arguments with literary as well as clinical examples, he emphasizes the importance of creativity in psychotherapy and the connections between the artistic and psychotherapeutic impulse.
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    Jeremy Holmes (1994). Meaning and Mechanism in Psychotherapy and General Psychiatry. Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 37:41-.
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    Jeremy Holmes & Gwen Adshead (2008). The Psychotherapies. In Sidney Bloch & Stephen A. Green (eds.), Psychiatric Ethics. Oxford University Press
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    Jeremy Holmes (1997). Commentary on" Autobiography, Narrative, and the Freudian Concept of Life History". Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 4 (3):201-203.
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    Jeremy Holmes (1999). 9 Narrative, Attachment and the Therapeutic Process. In Chris Mace (ed.), Heart and Soul: The Therapeutic Face of Philosophy. Routledge 147--162.
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