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    Jessica A. Grahn (2012). Neural Mechanisms of Rhythm Perception: Current Findings and Future Perspectives. Topics in Cognitive Science 4 (4):585-606.
    Perception of temporal patterns is fundamental to normal hearing, speech, motor control, and music. Certain types of pattern understanding are unique to humans, such as musical rhythm. Although human responses to musical rhythm are universal, there is much we do not understand about how rhythm is processed in the brain. Here, I consider findings from research into basic timing mechanisms and models through to the neuroscience of rhythm and meter. A network of neural areas, including motor regions, is regularly implicated (...)
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    Jessica A. Grahn (2011). Advances in Neuroimaging Techniques: Implications for the Shared Syntactic Integration Resource Hypothesis. In Patrick Rebuschat, Martin Rohrmeier, John A. Hawkins & Ian Cross (eds.), Language and Music as Cognitive Systems. OUP Oxford 235.
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    Bruce A. Carnes, S. Jay Olshansky, Leonid Gavrilov, Natalia Gavrilova & Douglas Grahn (1998). Human Longevity: Nature Vs. Nurture--Fact or Fiction. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 42 (3):422-441.
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