1. Jay Baruch, Jessica Wilen Berg, Jeffrey T. Berger, Nancy Berlinger, James L. Bernat, J. Andrew Billings, Larry R. Churchill, Richard Payne, Herbert J. Bonifacio & Annie Janvier (2010). Following is the Comprehensive Index for Volume 40 of the Hastings Center Report, Covering All Feature Material From 2010. Letters Have Not Been Included. Ffl Complete Issues Are Available for Volume 40 (2010) and May Be Purchased From the Cir-Culation Department, The Hastings Center, 21 Malcolm Gordon Road, Garrison, NY 10524; Tel.:(845) 424-4040; Fax:(845) 424-4545; E-Mail: Publications@ Thehastingscenter. Org. [REVIEW] Hastings Center Report 40.
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    Jessica Wilen Berg (1996). Legal and Ethical Complexities of Consent with Cognitively Impaired Research Subjects: Proposed Guidelines. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 24 (1):18-35.
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    Jessica Wilen Berg (2010). What Is Left of Charity Care After Health Reform? Hastings Center Report 40 (4):12-13.
    The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010, significantly changes the health care landscape. But even with the considerable expansion of insurance, many people will still lack coverage. When fully implemented, the act is designed only to cover about thirty-two million of the forty-six million uninsured Americans. Illegal aliens are specifically excluded. For others, implementation is not immediate; the so-called individual mandate, for example, does not take effect until 2014, and there are exceptions for (...)
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