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  1. Jinxue Fan (2011). Fa Lü Yu Dao De: She Hui Zhi Xu de Gui Zhi. Shanghai Jiao Tong da Xue Chu Ban She.
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  2. Hongbin Wang, Xun Liu & Jin Fan (2011). Cognitive Control in Majority Search: A Computational Modeling Approach. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 5:16-16.
  3. Amir Raz, Kim S. Landzberg, Heather R. Schweizer, Zohar R. Zephrani, Theodore Shapiro, Jin Fan & Michael I. Posner (2003). Posthypnotic Suggestion and the Modulation of Stroop Interference Under Cycloplegia. Consciousness and Cognition 12 (3):332-346.
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  4. James Swanson, Robert Moyzis, John Fossella, Jin Fan & Michael I. Posner (2002). Adaptationism and Molecular Biology: An Example Based on ADHD. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25 (4):530-531.
    Rather than starting with traits and speculating whether selective forces drove evolution in past environments, we propose starting with a candidate gene associated with a trait and testing first for patterns of selection at the DNA level. This can provide limitations on the number of traits to be evaluated subsequently by adaptationism as described by Andrews et al.
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