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    Johan De Jong & Ger Snik (2002). Why Should States Fund Denominational Schools? Journal of Philosophy of Education 36 (4):573–587.
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    Ron Berghmans, Johan de Jong, Aad Tibben & Guido de Wert (2009). On the Biomedicalization of Alcoholism. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 30 (4):311-321.
    The shift in the prevailing view of alcoholism from a moral paradigm towards a biomedical paradigm is often characterized as a form of biomedicalization. We will examine and critique three reasons offered for the claim that viewing alcoholism as a disease is morally problematic. The first is that the new conceptualization of alcoholism as a chronic brain disease will lead to individualization, e.g., a too narrow focus on the individual person, excluding cultural and social dimensions of alcoholism. The second claim (...)
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    Ger Snik & Johan De Jong (2005). Why Liberal State Funding of Denominational Schools Cannot Be Unconditional: A Reply to Neil Burtonwood. Journal of Philosophy of Education 39 (1):113–122.
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    Ger Snik, Johan De Jong & Wouter Van Haaften (2004). Preventive Intervention in Families at Risk: The Limits of Liberalism. Journal of Philosophy of Education 38 (2):181–193.