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    Johan van der Walt (2009). Rawls and Derrida on the Historicity of Constitutional Democracy and International Justice. Constellations 16 (1):23-43.
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    Ferdinand J. Potgieter, Johannes L. van der Walt & Charste C. Wolhuter (2014). Towards Understanding Tolerance in Education. Hts Theological Studies 70 (3):01-08.
    In recent years, schools and education authorities world wide have been paying increasing attention to issues surrounding diversity and religious tolerance. The term 'tolerance' is, however, clouded by considerable confusion and vagueness. This article seeks to contribute to recent scholarly attempts at understanding tolerance and the term that denotes it. After a brief semantic analysis of the term 'tolerance', arguments concerning the onticity of tolerance as phenomenon or entity are discussed. By examining its onticity we explore and explain some of (...)
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    Johan van der Walt & Henk Botha (2000). Democracy and Rights in South Africa: Beyond a Constitutional Culture of Justification. Constellations 7 (3):341-362.
  4. Johan van der Walt (2012). Law and the Space of Appearance in Arendt's Thought. In Marco Goldoni & Christopher McCorkindale (eds.), Hannah Arendt and the Law. Hart Pub.2
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