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John A. Burgess [3]John Alexander Burgess [1]
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    John A. Burgess (1998). Error Theories and Values. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 76 (4):534 – 552.
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    John A. Burgess (1990). Phenomenal Qualities and the Nontransitivity of Matching. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 68 (2):206-220.
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    John Alexander Burgess (1998). In Defense of an Indeterminist Theory of Vagueness. The Monist 81 (1):233--52.
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    John A. Burgess & S. A. Tawia (1996). When Did You First Begin to Feel It? Locating the Beginnings of Human Consciousness? Bioethics 10 (1):1-26.
    In this paper we attempt to sharpen and to provide an answer to the question of when human beings first become conscious. Since it is relatively uncontentious that a capacity for raw sensation precedes and underpins all more sophisticated mental capacities, our question is tantamount to asking when human beings first have experiences with sensational content. Two interconnected features of our argument are crucial. First, we argue that experiences with sensational content are supervenient on facts about electrical activity in the (...)
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