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    John I. Jenkins (1997). Knowledge and Faith in Thomas Aquinas. Cambridge University Press.
    This book offers a revisionary account of key epistemological concepts and doctrines of St Thomas Aquinas, particularly his concept of scientia (science), and proposes a new interpretation of the purpose and composition of Aquinas's most mature and influential work, the Summa theologiae, which presents the scientia of sacred doctrine, i.e. Christian theology. Contrary to the standard interpretation of it as a work for neophytes in theology, Jenkins argues that it is in fact a pedagogical work intended as the culmination of (...)
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    John I. Jenkins (1993). Good and the Object of Natural Inclinations in St. Thomas Aquinas. Medieval Philosophy and Theology 3:62-96.
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  3. John I. Jenkins (1990). Knowledge, Faith and Philosophy in Thomas Aquinas.
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  4. John I. Jenkins (1995). The Concept of Faith. International Philosophical Quarterly 35 (3):351-352.
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