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    John J. Ohala (2010). What's Behind the Smile? Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33 (6):456-457.
    Many species' non-threat facial expression involves an open mouth and retracted lip corners – the smile. This served to make an accompanying vocalization sound like it originated from a smaller vocalizer. That such signals are deceptive and benefit primarily the signaler undermines the notion that the perception of the smile employs embodied simulation of the smiler's state.
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    John J. Ohala (1998). Content First, Frame Later. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (4):525-526.
    There is not enough reason to believe that syllables are primary in speech and evolved from the cyclic movements of chewing. There are many differences between chewing and speech and it is equally plausible that what is primary in speech is a succession of auditorily robust modulations of various acoustic parameters (amplitude, periodicity, spectrum, pitch); syllables could have evolved from this.
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