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    John M. Meyer (2011). Hypocrisy, NIMBY, and the Politics of Everybody's Backyard. Ethics, Policy and Environment 13 (3):325-327.
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    John M. Meyer (2009). The Concept of Private Property and the Limits of the Environmental Imagination. Political Theory 37 (1):99 - 127.
    An absolutist concept of property has the power to shape and constrain the public imagination. Libertarian theorists normatively embrace this concept. Yet its influence extends far beyond these proponents, shaping the views of an otherwise diverse array of theorists and activists. This limits the ability of environmentalists, among others, to respond coherently to challenges from property rights advocates in the U.S. I sketch an alternative concept--rooted in practice--that understands private property as necessarily embedded in social and ecological relations, rather than (...)
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    John M. Meyer (2000). Rights to Life? On Nature, Property and Biotechnology. Journal of Political Philosophy 8 (2):154–175.
  4. John M. Meyer (2001). Review: Review Essay on Dobson and Luke. [REVIEW] Political Theory 29 (2):276 - 288.
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  5. John M. Meyer (2005). Whose Nature? Theory and Event 8 (3).
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