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  1. John McCrone, Michael Beaton & Athar Yawar (2006). Book Reviews. [REVIEW] Journal of Consciousness Studies 13 (4):113-127.
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  2. John McCrone (2004). How Do You Persist When Your Molecules Don't. Science and Consciousness Review 1.
  3. John McCrone (1999). A Bifold Model of Free Will. Journal of Consciousness Studies 5 (8-9):241-59.
    The folk psychology view of the faculty of freewill is that it is innate, unitary, structureless and, of course, free. A bifold approach to the mind, as taken by Vygotsky, Mead, Luria and others, argues that, like all the other higher mental abilities of humans, freewill is in fact largely a socially-constructed and language-enabled habit of thought. There is a neurology for this habit to latch on to -- after all, the ‘raw’ animal brain is built for acting rather than (...)
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  4. John McCrone (1994). The Myth of Irrationality: The Science of the Mind From Plato to Star Trek. Carroll & Graf Publishers.