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Profile: Joseph Hedger (Syracuse University)
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    Joseph A. Hedger (forthcoming). Perceptual Access Reasoning: Developmental Stage or System 1 Heuristic? Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences:1-20.
    In contrast with the two dominant views in Theory of Mind development, the Perceptual Access Reasoning hypothesis of Fabricius and colleagues is that children don’t understand the mental state of belief until around 6 years of age. Evidence for this includes data that many children ages 4 and 5, who pass the standard 2-location false belief task, nonetheless fail the true belief task, and often fail a 3-location false belief task by choosing the irrelevant option. These findings can be explained (...)
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    Joseph A. Hedger (2012). Modality, Theoretical Reductions, and the Lycan Objection: A Reply to Cameron. Analysis and Metaphysics 11:75-89.
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