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    Joseph L. H. Cruz (1998). Mindreading: Mental State Ascription and Cognitive Architecture. Mind and Language 13 (3):323-340.
    The debate between the theory-theory and simulation has largely ignored issues of cognitive architecture. In the philosophy of psychology, cognition as symbol manipulation is the orthodoxy. The challenge from connectionism, however, has attracted vigorous and renewed interest. In this paper I adopt connectionism as the antecedent of a conditional: If connectionism is the correct account of cognitive architecture, then the simulation theory should be preferred over the theory-theory. I use both developmental evidence and constraints on explanation (...)
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    D. Braddon-Mitchell, M. Brody, H. Cappelen, E. Lepore, P. Carruthers, A. Clark, M. Coltheart, R. Langdon & J. L. H. Cruz (1998). Index to Volume 13. Mind and Language 13 (4):622-625.
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    Lynsey Wolter (2010). Teaching & Learning Guide For: Demonstratives in Philosophy and Linguistics. Philosophy Compass 5 (1):108-111.
    Demonstrative noun phrases (e.g. this; that guy over there ) are intimately connected to the context of use in that their reference is determined by demonstrations and/or the speaker's intentions. The semantics of demonstratives therefore has important implications not only for theories of reference, but for questions about how information from the context interacts with formal semantics. First treated by Kaplan as directly referential , demonstratives have recently been analyzed as quantifiers by King, and the choice between these (...)
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    Laura Jean Bierut, Sal Cruz-Flores, Laura E. Hodges, Anthony A. Mikulec, Govind K. Nagaldinne, Erine L. Bakanas, John F. Peppin, Joel S. Perlmutter, William H. Seitz, Edward Diao, Andre N. Sofair & David M. Zientek (2011). Conflicting Interests in Medicine. Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics 1 (2):67-90.
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  5. Jessica L. Tracy, Christine Prehn, David C. Rubin, Rick H. Hoyle, Mark R. Leary, Limor Lichtenstein-Vidne, Avishai Henik, Ziad Safadi, Roberto Gutierrez & Roger Giner-Sorolla (2012). Regular Articles 2 Gratitude: Prompting Behaviours That Build Relationships Monica Y. Bartlett, Paul Condon, Jourdan Cruz, Jolie Baumann, and David Desteno 14 Arrogant or Self-Confident? The Use of Contextual Knowledge to Differentiate Hubristic and Authentic Pride From a Single Nonverbal Expression. [REVIEW] Cognition and Emotion 26.