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    Joseph Urbas (2009). True Romance: Emerson's Realism. Southwest Philosophy Review 25 (2):113-147.
    Two things have been missing from discussions of Emerson and skepticism. The first—and the most glaring omission, given his precise, unambiguous definition of skepticism as “unbelief in cause and effect” (“Worship”)—is Emerson’s causationism. The second is his view of skepticism as organically related to a wide array of other forms of anti-realism or “romance.” Only the first can explain the second and thereby give us a better sense of how Emerson’s specific response to skepticism as a philosophical problem fits into (...)
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    Joseph Urbas, Adam Glover, Jorge Je Gracia, Justin Bell, José Jorge Mendoza, David W. Rodick & Sami Pihlström (2013). 5. 'Bi-Polar' Emerson: 'Nominalist and Realist' (Pp. 78-105). The Pluralist 8 (2):78-105.
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