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    William M. Farmer & Joshua D. Guttman (2000). A Set Theory with Support for Partial Functions. Studia Logica 66 (1):59-78.
    Partial functions can be easily represented in set theory as certain sets of ordered pairs. However, classical set theory provides no special machinery for reasoning about partial functions. For instance, there is no direct way of handling the application of a function to an argument outside its domain as in partial logic. There is also no utilization of lambda-notation and sorts or types as in type theory. This paper introduces a version of von-Neumann-Bernays-Gödel set theory for reasoning about (...)
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    René Lavendhomme, Thierry Lucas & Sequent Calculi (2000). François Lepage, Elias Thijsse, Heinrich Wansing/In-Troduction 1 J. Michael Dunn/Partiality and its Dual 5 Jan van Eijck/Making Things Happen 41 William M. Farmer, Joshua D. Guttman/A Set Theory. [REVIEW] Studia Logica 66:447-448.
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    Mark Jensen, Alexander P. Cox, Naveed Chaudhry, Marcus Ng, Donat Sule Ray, William Duncan, Patrick, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, Barry Smith, Alan Ruttenberg, Kinga Szigeti & Alexander D. Diehl (2013). The Neurological Disease Ontology. Journal of Biomedical Semantics 4 (42).
    We are developing the Neurological Disease Ontology (ND) to provide a framework to enable representation of aspects of neurological diseases that are relevant to their treatment and study. ND is a representational tool that addresses the need for unambiguous annotation, storage, and retrieval of data associated with the treatment and study of neurological diseases. ND is being developed in compliance with the Open Biomedical Ontology Foundry principles and builds upon the paradigm established by the Ontology for General Medical Science (OGMS) (...)
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