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    Judith Buber Agassi (1991). The Rise of the Ideas of the Welfare State. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 21 (4):444-457.
    It is customarily assumed that welfare-state thinking can only appear as a product of the sharpening conflict between revolutionary socialists and the defenders of the status quo; the case of Tom Paine proves otherwise. Although he defended private enterprise (to the exclusion of large landed property), he developed a forgotten early version of a comprehensive system of public welfare in the second part of his The Rights of Man and in his Agrarian Justice, where he argued that the new revolutionary (...)
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    Judith Buber Agassi, Mario Bunge, Peter Flaherty, Gang Ke, Henry Krips, Stephanie Morgenstern, Alan Musgrave, Raphael Sassower, Margaret Schabas & Jeremy Shearmur (1995). Refereeing in 1992. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 25 (4).
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    Judith Buber Agassi (1986). Dignity in the Workplace Can Work Be Dealienated? Journal of Business Ethics 5 (4):271 - 284.
    Many jobs today are alienating: they damage the working person in psychological, mental, intellectual or psychosomatic ways; the psychosomatic damage may be permanent. This ill is due to a disregard for the basic psychological needs not gratified in a large number of workroles. It can be remedied without revolutionizing either the political or the economic-legal systems of pluralist democratic societies. Rather, we should revolutionize the image of the rank-and-file working person and attempt radical experiments in implementing new and democratic structures (...)
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    Judith Buber Agassi (1971). The Mixed Blessings of Technology: Comments on Professor Roberts' Paper. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 1 (2):221-231.
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    Joseph Agassi & Judith Buber Agassi (1987). Sexism in Science. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 17 (4):515-522.