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    Jeanne M. Logsdon, Judith Kenner Thompson & Richard A. Reid (1994). Software Piracy: Is It Related to Level of Moral Judgment? Journal of Business Ethics 13 (11):849 - 857.
    The possible relationship between widespread unauthorized copying of microcomputer software (also known as software piracy) and level of moral judgment is examined through analysis of over 350 survey questionnaires that included the Defining Issues Test as a measure of moral development. It is hypothesized that the higher one''s level of moral judgment, the less likely that one will approve of or engage in unauthorized copying. Analysis of the data indicate a high level of tolerance toward unauthorized copying and limited support (...)
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    Judith Kenner Thompson & Jacqueline N. Hood (1993). The Practice of Corporate Social Performance in Minority- Versus Nonminority-Owned Small Businesses. Journal of Business Ethics 12 (3):197 - 206.
    This study compares corporate social performance in terms of charitable contributions of minority-owned and nonminority-owned small businesses. In this sample, minority-owned small businesses are younger, have less full-time employees, and lower annual sales. Minority-owned small businesses donate more funds to religious organizations than nonminority-owned small businesses. When annual sales are accounted for, minority-owned businesses contribute more total dollars to all charitable organizations than nonminority-owned firms. Suggestions for future research in this area are delineated.
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  3. Jacqueline N. Hood, Jeanne M. Logsdon & Judith Kenner Thompson (1993). Collaboration for Social Problem Solving: A Process Model. Business and Society 32 (1):1-17.
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  4. Judith Kenner Thompson (1994). The Regulation of Biotechnology. Proceedings of the International Association for Business and Society 5:927-938.
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