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  1. Julia J. Bartkowiak (1993). Trends Toward Part-Time Employment: Ethical Issues. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 12 (10):811 - 815.score: 870.0
    This paper addresses the current trend of hiring part-time employees for United States businesses. This common practice is one that does not consider the best interests of the employee. I argue that, at the present time, many people, especially those who are poor, have no other choice than to accept these part-time positions. As a result, the quality of life of these workers and their family members suffers. Companies typically employ part-time workers in an effort to increase profits. I argue (...)
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  2. Julia J. Bartkowiak (1994). The United States Media and the Liberal Tradition. Journal of Social Philosophy 25 (3):123-134.score: 870.0
  3. Steven C. Rockefeller, Ana Isla, Terisa E. Turner, Paul T. Durbin, Eunice Blavascumas, Sonia Ftacnikova, Luis Alberto Camargo, Vicky Castillo, Garrick E. Louiis, Luna M. Magpili, Janos I. Toth, William E. Rees, Don Brown, Patricia H. Werhane, Mary A. Hamilton, Imre Lazar, Emese Kiss, Lech Ryszkowski, Robert Goodland, Clive A. Edwards, David Pimentel, James R. Karr, Mark Anielski, Colin L. Soskolne, Rubye Howard Braye, Ruth Miller Lucier, Naomi Zack, Julia Bartkowiak, Victoria Davion, J. Ronald Engle, Abelardo Brenes, Fayen D'Evie & Steven M. Glass (2002). Just Ecological Integrity: The Ethics of Maintaining Planetary Life. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.score: 810.0
    Just Ecological Integrity presents a collection of revised and expanded essays originating from the international conference "Connecting Environmental Ethics, Ecological Integrity, and Health in the New Millennium" held in San Jose, Costa Rica in June 2000. It is a cooperative venture of the Global Ecological Integrity Project and the Earth Charter Initiative.
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  4. Isaac D. Balbus (2002). Book Review: Uma Narayan and Julia J. Bartkowiak. Having and Raising Children: Unconventional Families, Hard Choices, Social Good. University Park, Pa.: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999. [REVIEW] Hypatia 17 (2):162-165.score: 450.0
  5. Julia Bartkowiak (1993). The Role of Internalism in Moral Theory. Auslegung 19 (1):47-61.score: 240.0
  6. Uma Narayan & Julia Bartkowiak (eds.) (1998). Having and Raising Children. Penn State University Press.score: 240.0