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Julie M. Zilberberg [3]Julie Zilberberg [2]
  1. Julie Zilberberg (2007). Sex Selection and Restricting Abortion and Sex Determination. Bioethics 21 (9):517–519.
  2. Julie M. Zilberberg (2005). Book Review: Rosemarie Tong, with Gwen Anderson and Aida Santos Globalizing Feminist Bioethics: Crosscultural Perspectives. Boulder: Westview, 2001. [REVIEW] Hypatia 20 (2):208-210.
  3. Julie M. Zilberberg (2005). Globalizing Feminist Bioethics: Crosscultural Perspectives (Review). Hypatia 20 (2):208-210.
  4. Karen L. Baird, María Julia Bertomeu, Martha Chinouya, Donna L. Dickenson, Michele Harvey-Blankenship, Barbara Ann Hocking, Laura Duhan Kaplan, Jing-Bao Nie, Eileen O'Keefe, Julia Tao Lai Po-wah, Carol Quinn, Arleen L. F. Salles, K. Shanthi, Susana E. Sommer, Rosemarie Tong & Julie Zilberberg (2004). Linking Visions: Feminist Bioethics, Human Rights, and the Developing World. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
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  5. Julie M. Zilberberg (2002). Self-Directed Bioethics Education. American Journal of Bioethics 2 (4):1-1.
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