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    K. B. Brothers (2011). Dependent Rational Providers. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 36 (2):133-147.
    Provider claims to conscientious objection have generated a great deal of heated debate in recent years. However, the conflicts that arise when providers make claims to the "conscience" are only a subset of the more fundamental challenges that arise in health care practice when patients and providers come into conflict. In this piece, the author provides an account of patient-provider conflict from within the moral tradition of St. Thomas Aquinas. He argues that the practice of health care providers should be (...)
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    M. T. Smiley (1921). The Mss. Of Callimachvs' Hymns. Classical Quarterly 15 (3-4):113-.
    Thus far, discarding such manuscripts as are copies of printed editions, we have arrived at the following grouping: 1. The group x , in which K is a copy of A, and B of C, while A and C are brothers, the former being only slightly superior to the latter. 2. SQq. Here Q is a copy of S, whose borrowings from Politian it incorporated. Q added some readings from C or K, and scholia and other readings from a (...)
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    Richard L. Michalski, Todd K. Shackelford & Catherine A. Salmon (2007). Upset in Response to a Sibling's Partner's Infidelities. Human Nature 18 (1):74-84.
    Using data collected from people with at least one brother and one sister, and consistent with an evolutionary perspective, we find that older men and women (a) are more upset by a brother’s partner’s sexual infidelity than by her emotional infidelity and (b) are more upset by a sister’s partner’s emotional infidelity than by his sexual infidelity. There were no effects of participant sex or sex of in-law on upset over a sibling’s partner’s infidelities, but there was an effect of (...)
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