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    S. Shapshay & K. D. Pimple (2007). Participation in Biomedical Research is an Imperfect Moral Duty: A Response to John Harris. Journal of Medical Ethics 33 (7):414-417.
    In his paper “Scientific research is a moral duty”, John Harris argues that individuals have a moral duty to participate in biomedical research by volunteering as research subjects. He supports his claim with reference to what he calls the principle of beneficence as embodied in the “rule of rescue” , and the principle of fairness embodied in the prohibition on “free riding” . His view that biomedical research is an important social good is agreed upon, but it is argued that (...)
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    S. J. Oultram (2009). K. D. Pimple, Ed. The International Library of Essays in Public and Professional Ethics. Public Health Ethics 2 (1):119-119.
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    Sheila Slaughter (2002). Commentary on “Six Domains of Research Ethics”. Science and Engineering Ethics 8 (2):219-222.
    This commentary on K.D. Pimple’s “Six Domains of Research Ethics”, focuses on the area of institutional integrity and looks at “relationships between researchers, their sponsoring institutions, funding agencies, and the government,” considering the implications of institutional demands and support for research, and, in turn, demands and support on research priorities and public education.
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