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  1. K. I. M. SU (1990). J. S. Mill's Concept of Maturity as the Criterion in Determining Children's Eligibility for Rights. Journal of Philosophy of Education 24 (2):235–244.score: 2010.0
  2. M. Flato, L. K. Hadjiivanov & I. T. Todorov (1993). Quantum Deformations of Singletons and of Free Zero-Mass Fields. Foundations of Physics 23 (4):571-586.score: 120.0
    We consider quantum deformations of the real symplectic (or anti-De Sitter) algebra sp(4), spin(3, 2) and of its singleton and (4-dimensional) zero-mass (...)representations. For q a root of1, these representations admit finite-dimensional unitary subrepresentations. It is pointed out that Uq (sp(4, )), unlike Uq (su(2, 2)), contains Uq (sl 2 ) as a quantum subalgebra. (shrink)
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