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    K. William M. Fulford (1995). Mind and Madness: New Directions in the Philosophy of Psychiatry. In A. Phillips Griffiths (ed.), Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement. Cambridge University Press 5-24.
    The links between Descartes logito and the schizophrenic symptom of "inserted thoughts" are used to illustrate the potential for two- way exchange between philosophy and psychiatry. Patients suffering thought insertion have thoughts in their heads, which "they" are thinking, but which they experience as the thoughts "of someone else": "I think therefore someone else is". Philosophical work on personal identity helps to clarify the remarkable phenomenological features of thought insertion: conversely, thought insertion challenges philosophical theories of personal identity. More generally, (...)
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  2. K. William M. Fulford (1994). 15 Not More Medical Ethics. In K. W. M. Fulford, Grant Gillett & Janet Martin Soskice (eds.), Medicine and Moral Reasoning. Cambridge University Press 3--193.
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  3. K. William M. Fulford (1994). Value, Illness, and Failure of Action: Framework for a Philosophical Psychopathology of Delusions. In George Graham & Lester D. Stephens (eds.), Philosophical Psychopathology. MIT Press
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