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    Kajsa Bråting & Johanna Pejlare (2008). Visualizations in Mathematics. Erkenntnis 68 (3):345 - 358.
    In this paper we discuss visualizations in mathematics from a historical and didactical perspective. We consider historical debates from the 17th and 19th centuries regarding the role of intuition and visualizations in mathematics. We also consider the problem of what a visualization in mathematical learning can achieve. In an empirical study we investigate what mathematical conclusions university students made on the basis of a visualization. We emphasize that a visualization in mathematics should always be considered in its proper context.
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  2. Kajsa Bråting & Anders Öberg (2005). Om matematiska begrepp – en filosofisk undersökning med tillämpningar. Norsk Filosofisk Tidsskrift 4.
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    Kajsa Bråting (2012). Ambiguities of Fundamental Concepts in Mathematical Analysis During the Mid-Nineteenth Century. Foundations of Science 17 (4):301-320.
    In this paper we consider the major development of mathematical analysis during the mid-nineteenth century. On the basis of Jahnke’s (Hist Math 20(3):265–284, 1993 ) distinction between considering mathematics as an empirical science based on time and space and considering mathematics as a purely conceptual science we discuss the Swedish nineteenth century mathematician E.G. Björling’s general view of real- and complexvalued functions. We argue that Björling had a tendency to sometimes consider mathematical objects in a naturalistic way. One example is (...)
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