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  1. Karel Mom (2006). Democratic and Perpetual Peace: Kant and Contemporary Peace Politics. Theoria 53 (110):50-73.
    This paper criticizes an empirical reading of On Perpetual Peace. It is also equally critical of the approach taken by philosophically minded scholars to give preference to Kant's philosophical outlook. Instead, it focuses on the peculiar oscillation between the philosophical and political aspects of the essay. Contrary to current concerns to update the conceptual framework of On Perpetual Peace—to rescue it from becoming obsolete—its salient irony, which mediates between both aspects, is singled out as a clue to an interpretation which (...)
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  2. Karel Mom (2006). Hoe men naar de eeuwige vrede beter niet kan lezen. Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie 68 (1):77 - 99.
    The paper questions a predilection of some proponents of the 'democratic peace thesis’ and of 'democratic cosmopolitanism' to base their peace policy recommendations on Kant's peace treatise. It argues that the concepts ' democracy' and 'cosmopolitanism' which they employ are unfaithful to Kant's republicanism, which entails strict state sovereignty, and hence, that their referral to Kant distorts the basic ideas that are exposed in his treatise. This applies in particular to their justification of humanitarian intervention and of pre-emptive action, practices (...)
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