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    Jeffrey L. Brown & Karen D. Cogan (2006). Ethical Clinical Practice and Sport Psychology: When Two Worlds Collide. Ethics and Behavior 16 (1):15 – 23.
    From their own practices, the authors offer insight into potential ethical dilemmas that may frequently develop in an applied psychology setting in which sport psychology is also being practiced. Specific ethical situations offered for the reader's consideration include confidentiality with coaches, administration, parents, and athlete-clients; accountability in ethical billing practices and accurate diagnosing; identification of ethical boundaries in nontraditional practice settings (locker room, field, rink, etc.); and establishment of professional competence as it relates to professional practice and marketing.
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    F. J. Cogan (1956). Review: I. D. Zaspavskij, Disproof of Some Theorems of Classical Analysis in Constructive Analysis. [REVIEW] Journal of Symbolic Logic 21 (4):409-409.
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    Eric Pacuit, Rohit Parikh & Eva Cogan (2006). The Logic of Knowledge Based Obligation. Synthese 149 (2):311 - 341.
    Deontic Logic goes back to Ernst Mally’s 1926 work, Grundgesetze des Sollens: Elemente der Logik des Willens [Mally. E.: 1926, Grundgesetze des Sollens: Elemente der Logik des Willens, Leuschner & Lubensky, Graz], where he presented axioms for the notion ‘p ought to be the case’. Some difficulties were found in Mally’s axioms, and the field has much developed. Logic of Knowledge goes back to Hintikka’s work Knowledge and Belief [Hintikka, J.: 1962, Knowledge and Belief: An Introduction to the Logic of (...)
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