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    Stephen Whitmarsh, Julia Uddén, Henk Barendregt & Karl Magnus Petersson (2013). Mindfulness Reduces Habitual Responding Based on Implicit Knowledge: Evidence From Artificial Grammar Learning. Consciousness and Cognition 22 (3):833-845.
    Participants were unknowingly exposed to complex regularities in a working memory task. The existence of implicit knowledge was subsequently inferred from a preference for stimuli with similar grammatical regularities. Several affective traits have been shown to influence AGL performance positively, many of which are related to a tendency for automatic responding. We therefore tested whether the mindfulness trait predicted a reduction of grammatically congruent preferences, and used emotional primes to explore the influence of affect. Mindfulness was shown to correlate negatively (...)
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    Julia Uddén, Martin Ingvar, Peter Hagoort & Karl M. Petersson (2012). Implicit Acquisition of Grammars With Crossed and Nested Non-Adjacent Dependencies: Investigating the Push-Down Stack Model. Cognitive Science 36 (6):1078-1101.
    A recent hypothesis in empirical brain research on language is that the fundamental difference between animal and human communication systems is captured by the distinction between finite-state and more complex phrase-structure grammars, such as context-free and context-sensitive grammars. However, the relevance of this distinction for the study of language as a neurobiological system has been questioned and it has been suggested that a more relevant and partly analogous distinction is that between non-adjacent and adjacent dependencies. Online memory resources are central (...)
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    Karl Magnus Petersson, Christian Forkstam & Martin Ingvar (2004). Artificial Syntactic Violations Activate Broca's Region. Cognitive Science 28 (3):383-407.
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    Christian Forkstam, Andreas Jansson, M. Ingvar & Karl Magnus Petersson (2009). Modality Transfer of Acquired Structural Regularities: A Preference for an Acoustic Route. In N. A. Taatgen & H. van Rijn (eds.), Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.
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