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    Karma Nabulsi (2006). Patriotism and Internationalism in the 'Oath of Allegiance' to Young Europe. European Journal of Political Theory 5 (1):61-70.
    This article examines the ‘Oath of Allegiance’ of an international semisecret society, Young Europe. The society’s programme defined the struggle to create democratic republics throughout Europe in the first half of the 19th century. Its founding documents and charter in 1834 represented radical shifts in both the ideas and practice of European republicans on the principles of liberty and equality, and in the conceptualization of a trinity that linked republican patriotism to both nationalism and internationalism. The society also offered new (...)
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    Karma Nabulsi & Luc Foisneau (2008). Guerre et inégalité dans la pensée politique de Rousseau. Les Etudes Philosophiques 4 (4):413-424.
    Résumé — La tradition à laquelle Rousseau a donné le plus indiscutablement ses lettres de noblesse, celle de la guerre républicaine, a été presque totalement ignorée. Ses écrits sur la guerre, et sur les lois de la guerre – ce que l’on nomme aujourd’hui le droit humanitaire international –, constituent l’une de ses plus importantes contributions au droit, et son legs intellectuel le plus durable, à parité avec ses considérations sur la justice politique et ses écrits sur (...)
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  3. Sudhir Hazareesingh & Karma Nabulsi (2008). Using Archival Sources to Theorize About Politics. In David Leopold & Marc Stears (eds.), Political Theory: Methods and Approaches. Oxford University Press
  4. Karma Nabulsi (2005). Traditions of War: Occupation, Resistance, and the Law. OUP Oxford.
    Traditions of War brings together developments in political and legal thought, the conduct of military occupations, and the attempts by the international community to regulate the treatment of civilians within this aspect of warfare.
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