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    Kate Nash & Vikki Bell (2009). The Politics of Framing: An Interview with Nancy Fraser. In Nancy Fraser (ed.), Theory, Culture and Society. Columbia University Press 73-86.
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    Kate Nash (1996). Post-Democracy, Politics and Philosophy: An Interview with Jacques Ranci Re. Angelaki 1 (3):171 – 178.
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    Kate Nash (2011). Documentary-for-the-Other: Relationships, Ethics and (Observational) Documentary. Journal of Mass Media Ethics 26 (3):224 - 239.
    While documentary ethics has been largely normative to date, there is growing interest in alternative forms of ethical thinking. The work of Emmanuel Levinas in particular is providing a way of thinking through both the ethics of documentary viewing and production. This article begins by drawing attention to the link between documentary ethics and aesthetics and then uses Levinas's work to consider the ethical relations established in observational documentary production. Of the different documentary modes, the observational has been the source (...)
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  4. Kate Nash (1998). Universal Difference: Feminism and the Liberal Undecidability of "Women". St. Martin's Press.
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    Kate Nash (2002). Thinking Political Sociology: Beyond the Limits of Post-Marxism. History of the Human Sciences 15 (4):97-114.
    This article is concerned with post-Marxism and materialism in the work of Judith Butler, Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe. As `post-Marxists' these writers use `material' in a variety of ways, all of which indicate limits and constraints. The article focuses on one version of `materialism' in this work, a version that is more implied than elaborated, in which `material' is equivalent to institutionalized performativity or sedimented discourse: to `objective' social structures and institutions. Post-Marxists often use `the social' as equivalent to (...)
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    Kate Nash (2003). Cosmopolitan Political Community: Why Does It Feel So Right? Constellations 10 (4):506-518.
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