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    Katherine Drabiak-Syed (2011). Physicians Prescribing “Medicine” for Enhancement: Why We Should Not and Cannot Overlook Safety Concerns. American Journal of Bioethics 11 (1):17 - 19.
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    Katherine Drabiak-Syed (2011). Reining In the Pharmacological Enhancement Train: We Should Remain Vigilant About Regulatory Standards for Prescribing Controlled Substances. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 39 (2):272-279.
    This article challenges recent assumptions that physicians may ethically and legally prescribe psychopharmacological enhancement drugs to patients and the counterintuitive notion that in some cases ingesting an enhancement drug constitutes the more ethical choice than forgoing this option. Enhancement proponents have touted modafinil as an ideal mechanism to improve concentration, alertness, and forgo sleep and keep pace with our society's demands. However, patients who use modafinil for these reasons risk potentially severe side effects and addiction, and face unintended consequences related (...)
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    Katherine Drabiak-Syed (2011). Currents in Contemporary Bioethics: Waiving Informed Consent to Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis? Problems with Paradoxical Negotiation in Surrogacy Contracts. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 39 (3):559-564.