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    Keith M. Baker (1976). On Judith N. Shklar's Review of Baker's Condorcet. Political Theory 4 (3):374-376.
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    Keith Michael Baker (1975). Condorcet, From Natural Philosophy to Social Mathematics. University of Chicago Press.
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    Keith Michael Baker & Peter Hanns Reill (eds.) (2001). What's Left of Enlightenment?: A Postmodern Question. Stanford University Press.
    For all their differences, the many varieties of thinking commonly known as postmodernism share at least one salient characteristic: they all depend upon a stereotyped account of the Enlightenment. Postmodernity requires a 'modernity' to be repudiated, and the tenets of this modernity have invariably been identified with the Enlightenment Project. This volume aims to explore critically the opposition between Enlightenment and Postmodernity and question some of the conclusions drawn from it. The authors focus on three general areas. Part I, Enlightenment (...)
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    Keith Michael Baker (1987). Scientism at the End of the Old Regime: Reflections on a Theme of Professor Charles Gillispie. [REVIEW] Minerva 25 (1-2):21-34.
    What is it that statesmen have generally wanted from science? They have not wanted admonitions or collaboration, much less interference, in the business of government, which is the exercise of power over persons, nor in the political maneuverings to secure and retain control over governments. From science, all the statesmen and politicians want are instrumentalities, powers but not power: weapons, techniques, information communications, and so on. As for scientists, what have they wanted of governments? They have expressly not wished to (...)
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    Keith Michael Baker (1994). A Foucauldian French Revolution? In Jan Ellen Goldstein (ed.), Foucault and the Writing of History. Blackwell
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    Keith Michael Baker (1997). Condorcet: The Moral and Political Sciences. In Raymond Boudon, Mohamed Cherkaoui & Jeffrey C. Alexander (eds.), The Classical Tradition in Sociology: The European Tradition. Sage Publications 152.
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