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    Keith Quillen (1986). Propositional Attitudes and Psychological Explanation. Mind and Language 1 (2):133-57.
    Propositional attitudes, states like believing, desiring, intending, etc., have played a central role in the articulation of many of our major theories, both in philosophy and the social sciences. Until relatively recently, psychology was a prominent entry on the list of social sciences in which propositional attitudes occupied center stage. In this century, though, behaviorists began to make a self-conscious effort to expunge "mentalistic" notions from their theorizing. Behaviorism has failed. Psychology therefore is again experiencing "formative years," and two themes (...)
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    Keith Quillen (1989). Perceptual Belief and Psychological Explanation. Philosophical Quarterly 39 (July):276-293.
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    Keith Quillen (1986). Howard Hopkins," the Dialectics of Methodology and Ideology in Ha-Bermas's Early Thought." Adviser: We Cooper. Review of Metaphysics 40:179-197.
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