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  1. F. W. J. Schelling & Keith R. Peterson (eds.) (2004). First Outline of a System of the Philosophy of Nature. State University of New York Press.
    Schelling's first systematic attempt to articulate a complete philosophy of nature.
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    Keith R. Peterson (2012). An Introduction to Nicolai Hartmann's Critical Ontology. Axiomathes 22 (3):291–314.
    Nicolai Hartmann contributed significantly to the revitalization of the discipline of ontology in the early twentieth century. Developing a systematic, post-Kantian critical ontology ‘this side’ of idealism and realism, he subverted the widespread impression that philosophy must either exhaust itself in foundationalist epistemology or engage in system-building metaphysical excess. This essay provides an introduction to Hartmann’s approach in light of the recent translation of his early essay ‘How is Critical Ontology Possible?’ ( 1923 ) In it Hartmann criticizes both the (...)
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    Keith R. Peterson (2010). All That We Are: Philosophical Anthropology and Ecophilosophy. Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy 6 (1):91-113.
    Ecophilosophers have long argued that addressing the environmental crisis not only demands reassessing the ethical aspects of human and nature relations, but also prevailing theories of human nature. Philosophical anthropology has historically taken this as its calling, and its resources may be profitably utilized in the context of ecophilosophy. Distinguishing between conservative and emancipatory naturalism leads to a critical discussion of the Cartesian culture/nature dualism. Marjorie Grene is discussed as a resource in the tradition of philosophical anthropology which enables us (...)
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    Nicolai Hartmann & Keith R. Peterson (2012). How Is Critical Ontology Possible? Toward the Foundation of the General Theory of the Categories, Part One (1923). Axiomathes 22 (3):315-354.
    This is a translation of an early essay by the German philosopher Nicolai Hartmann (1882–1950). In this 1923 essay Hartmann presents many of the fundamental ideas of his new critical ontology. He summarizes some of the main points of his critique of neo-Kantian epistemology, and provides the point of departure for his new approach in an extensive criticism of the errors of the classical ontological tradition. Some of these errors concern the definition of an ontological category or principle, and others (...)
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    Keith R. Peterson (2005). Naturphilosophie. Environmental Philosophy 2 (1):71-72.
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