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    Kenneth A. Reynhout (2011). Alain Badiou: Hidden Theologian of the Void? Heythrop Journal 52 (2):219-233.
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    Kenneth A. Reynhout (2012). Badiou, Marion and St Paul: Immanent Grace. By Adam Miller. Pp. 176, London, Continuum, 2008, £65.00. [REVIEW] Heythrop Journal 53 (6):1066-1067.
  3. Kenneth A. Reynhout (2013). Interdisciplinary Interpretation: Paul Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Theology and Science. Lexington Books.
    By appealing to Paul Ricoeur’s view of interpretation as the dialectical process of understanding through explanation, Kenneth A. Reynhout contributes to the growing field of religion and science by developing an alternative understanding of interdisciplinary theology that is fundamentally hermeneutical.
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