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  1. Pavel Ortinski & Kimford J. Meador (2004). Neuronal Mechanisms of Conscious Awareness. Archives of Neurology 61 (7):1017-1020.score: 870.0
  2. Kimford J. Meador, P. G. Ray, J. R. Echauz, D. W. Loring & G. J. Vachtsevanos (2002). Gamma Coherence and Conscious Perception. Neurology 59 (6):847-854.score: 870.0
  3. K. G. Meador & J. J. Shuman (2000). Who/Se We Are: Baptism as Personhood. Christian Bioethics 6 (1):71-83.score: 240.0
    The attempt to arrive at some consensus on precisely what qualifies a human as a person represents one of the more persistently debated and widely significant issues in modern biomedical ethics. The attribution of personhood has been and continues to be a powerful tool in moral discourse. Biomedical and bioethical debates about personhood seem especially morally significant in late modernity given the recent trends in biomedical technology. Our attempts to formally articulate universally agreed upon criteria for personhood represent some of (...)
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  4. T. J. Bole (2000). The Person in Secular and in Orthodox-Catholic Bioethics. Christian Bioethics 6 (1):85-112.score: 12.0
    The following demarcates the sense of the human person in Orthodox-Catholic bioethics from the family of senses proper to secular bioethics and philosophy. The radically different sources of knowledge about the senses proper to each discipline suggest that the importation of philosophical and secular psychological distinctions and analyses into true Christianity's concern with the human person, is fundamentally misguided. This suggestion is confirmed by examination of the articles of Crosby, Glannon, Hoswepian, and Meador and Shuman.
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