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    F. Danielsen, P. M. Jensen, N. D. Burgess, R. Altamirano, P. A. Alviola, H. Andrianandrasana, J. S. Brashares, A. C. Burton, I. Coronado, N. Corpuz, M. Enghoff, J. Fjeldsa, M. Funder, S. Holt, H. Hubertz, A. E. Jensen, R. Lewis, J. Massao, M. M. Mendoza, Y. Ngaga, C. B. Pipper, M. K. Poulsen, R. M. Rueda, M. K. Sam, T. Skielboe, M. Sorensen & R. Young (2014). A Multicountry Assessment of Tropical Resource Monitoring by Local Communities. BioScience 64 (3):236-251.
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    Else Daniel Kondziella, Klaus Hansen R. Danielsen, Erik Carsten Thomsen & Peter Arlien-Soeborg C. Jansen (2009). 1 H Mr Spectroscopy of Gray and White Matter in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Journal of Neurology 256 (6).
    Carbon monoxide (CO) intoxication leads to acute and chronic neurological deficits, but little is known about the specific noxious mechanisms. 1 H magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) may allow insight into the pathophysiology of CO poisoning by monitoring neurochemical disturbances, yet only limited information is available to date on the use of this protocol in determining the neurological effects of CO poisoning. To further examine the short-term and long-term effects of CO (...)
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