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Profile: Kristen Irwin (Loyola University, Chicago)
  1. Kristen Irwin (2013). Bayle on the (Ir)Rationality of Religious Belief. Philosophy Compass 8 (6):560-569.
    Bayle's conception of reason is notoriously difficult to unravel, as are its consequences for the rationality of religious belief. The secondary literature has generally coalesced around two interpretations of Bayle's conception of reason. The “superskeptical” interpretation holds that reason is the source of its own undoing, not to be trusted; religious belief turns out to be irrational on this conception of reason, but this is hardly cause for alarm. The jusqu'au bout (to the very end) interpretation holds that reason is (...)
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  2. Kristen Irwin (2011). Amyraut on Reason and Religious Belief. Modern Schoolman 88 (3-4):191-200.
    Moses Amyraut’s 1640 work On the Elevation of Faith and the Humbling of Reason is often misread as advocating the position suggested by its title. In fact, Amyraut constructs a tripartite classification of religious beliefs according to their relation to reason, such that he can affirm truths that are incomprehensible to reason, while maintaining that reason is the ultimate ground of their truth. He divides religious truths into those delivered by reason, those consistent with reason, and those incomprehensible to reason, (...)
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  3. Kristen A. Irwin (2010). The Core Mysteries: Pierre Bayle's Philosophical Fideism. Dissertation, Proquest
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  4. Kristen Irwin (2009). La philosophie comme méthodologie: la conception sceptico-rationaliste de la raison Chez Bayle. Kriterion: Journal of Philosophy 50 (120):363-376.