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    Ksenija Baždarić, Lidija Bilić-Zulle, Gordana Brumini & Mladen Petrovečki (2012). Prevalence of Plagiarism in Recent Submissions to the Croatian Medical Journal. Science and Engineering Ethics 18 (2):223-239.
    To assess the prevalence of plagiarism in manuscripts submitted for publication in the Croatian Medical Journal (CMJ). All manuscripts submitted in 2009–2010 were analyzed using plagiarism detection software: eTBLAST , CrossCheck, and WCopyfind . Plagiarism was suspected in manuscripts with more than 10% of the text derived from other sources. These manuscripts were checked against the Déjà vu database and manually verified by investigators. Of 754 submitted manuscripts, 105 (14%) were identified by the software as suspicious of plagiarism. Manual verification (...)
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    Iva Sorta-Bilajac, Ksenija Baždarić, Boris Brozović & George J. Agich (2008). Croatian Physicians' and Nurses' Experience with Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice. Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (6):450-455.
    Aim: To assess ethical issues in everyday clinical practice among physicians and nurses of the University Hospital Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia.Subjects and methods: We surveyed the entire population of internal medicine, oncology and intensive care specialists and associated nurses employed at the University Hospital Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia . An anonymous questionnaire was used to explore the type and frequency of ethical dilemmas, rank of their difficulty, access to and use of ethics support services, training in ethics and confidence about knowledge in (...)
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    Iva Sorta-Bilajac, Ksenija Baždarić, Morana Brkljačić Žagrović, Ervin Jančić, Boris Brozović, Tomislav Čengić, Stipe Ćorluka & George J. Agich (2011). How Nurses and Physicians Face Ethical Dilemmas — the Croatian Experience. Nursing Ethics 18 (3):341-355.
    The aim of this study was to assess nurses’ and physicians’ ethical dilemmas in clinical practice. Nurses and physicians of the Clinical Hospital Centre Rijeka were surveyed (N = 364). A questionnaire was used to identify recent ethical dilemma, primary ethical issue in the situation, satisfaction with the resolution, perceived usefulness of help, and usage of clinical ethics consultations in practice. Recent ethical dilemmas include professional conduct for nurses (8%), and near-the-end-of-life decisions for physicians (27%). The main ethical issue is (...)
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  4. Iva Sorta-Bilajac, Ksenija Baždarić, Marina Festin & Boris Brozović (forthcoming). Attitude of Medical, Nursing, and Health Care Management Students Towards the Respect of Privacy in the Media. The 9th World Congress of Bioethics: The Challenge of Cross-Cultural Bioethics in the 21st Century. Media and Bioethics.
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