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    Kyriaki Goudeli (2002). Challenges to German Idealism: Schelling, Fichte, and Kant. Palgrave.
    This book offers an important reappraisal of Schelling's philosophy and his relationship to German Idealism. Focusing on Schelling's self-critique in early identity philosophy the author rejects those criticisms of Schelling made by both Hegel and Heidegger. This work significantly redraws the boundaries of metaphysical thinking, arguing for a dialogue between rational philosophy, mythology and cosmology.
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    Kyriaki Goudeli (2003). Kants Reflective Judgment: The Normalisation of Political Judgment. Kant-Studien 94 (1):51-68.
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    Kyriaki Goudeli (2013). The Potencies of Beauty. Comparative and Continental Philosophy 4 (2):253 - 263.
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  4. Kyriaki Goudeli, Pavlos Kontos & Iole Patelle (eds.) (2007). Kant: Making Reason Intuitive. Palgrave Macmillan.
    Kant denies that Reason is intuitive, but demands that we must - in some way - 'make' Reason intuitive, and follow its guidance, particularly in matters of morality. In this book, a group of scholars attempt to analyze and explore this central paradox within Kantian thought. Each essay explores the question from a different perspective - from political philosophy, ethics and religion to science and aesthetics. The essays thus also reformulate the core question in different forms, for example, how are (...)
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