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    Ron Sun, L. Andrew Coward & Michael J. Zenzen (2005). On Levels of Cognitive Modeling. Philosophical Psychology 18 (5):613-637.
  2.  8
    L. Andrew Coward & Ron Sun (2002). Explaining Consciousness at Multiple Levels. In Serge P. Shohov (ed.), Advances in Psychology Research. Nova Science Publishers 37-71.
  3.  26
    L. Andrew Coward (2005). A System Architecture Approach to the Brain: From Neurons to Consciousness. Nova Biomedical Books.
    This book is the integrated presentation of a large body of work on understanding the operation of biological brains as systems.
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  4. David A. Gallo, John G. Seamon, L. Andrew Coward, Ron Sun, Jing Zhu, John F. Kihlstrom, Steven M. Platek, Jaime W. Thomson, Gordon G. Gallup Jr & Jeroen G. W. Raaijmakers (2003). Kielan Yarrow, Patrick Haggard, and John C. Rothwell. Action, Arousal, and Subjective Time. Consciousness and Cognition 12:783.
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