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    J. Smallwood, L. Riby, D. Heim & J. Davies (2006). Encoding During the Attentional Lapse: Accuracy of Encoding During the Semantic Sustained Attention to Response Task. Consciousness and Cognition 15 (1):218-231.
    An experiment investigated the relationship between the ability to encode verbal stimuli during an attentional lapse. The task employed a variation on the sustained attention to response task which involved the detection of an infrequent target against a background of words. As a manipulation, participants were either instructed to encode the stimuli or were merely exposed to the stimuli. Retrieval was measured using process dissociation. Irrespective of the instructions given to the participants during the task, participants were more likely to (...)
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    G. Caldwell & L. Riby (2007). The Effects of Music Exposure and Own Genre Preference on Conscious and Unconscious Cognitive Processes: A Pilot ERP Study. Consciousness and Cognition 16 (4):992-996.
    Did Beethoven and Mozart have more in common with each other than Clapton and Hendrix? The current research demonstrated the widely reported Mozart Effect as only partly significant. Event-related brain potentials were recorded from 16 professional classical and rock musicians during a standard 2 stimulus visual oddball task, while listening to classical and rock music. During the oddball task participants were required to discriminate between an infrequent target stimulus randomly embedded in a train of repetitive background or standard stimuli. Consistent (...)
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  3. Algis Mickūnas (2000). Discursive power. Žmogus ir Žodis: Man And Word 2:21-21.
    Algis Mickiinas savo straipsnyje svarsto moder- niojo mokslo ir filosofijos ivykdytq tikroves "su- skliaudimo" judesi, leidusi semiotikams ir dekonst- rukcininkarns teigti kalbq arba diskursq esant pirmi- ne ir svarbiausia galios forma, pasirei3banEia visose 2mogiSkojo patyrimo ir praktikos srityse. Autoriaus tikslas - analizuojant 3i "suskliaudimq" atverti ypa- tingas struktiiras, "kurios niekam nepriklauso ir yra niekur neaptinkamos, ta&au yra esmingiausiy miisy modemiojo hojimo modalumy pamatas". Autorius teigia, jog wenamasis pasaulis - morfologiSkai kon- stituoty ir intuityviai suvokiarny ivykiy ir objekty pa- saulis - (...)
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