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    Lani Roberts (2001). Barriers to Feeling and Actualizing Compassion. Philosophy in the Contemporary World 8 (1):13-19.
    Hume and Rousseau argue that “feeling with and/or for others” is natural and basic to us as human persons. but Royce claims that merely feeling the fleeting impulse of sympathy is not the moral insight itself. Compassion must be both felt and acted upon for it to play the role in morality ascribed by Hume and Rousseau. Why is it so often the case that we fail to feel compassion for others and, even when we do, why do we often (...)
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    Lani Roberts (1989). Forbidden Fruit. The Personalist Forum 5 (2):157-159.
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    Lani Roberts (1997). One Oppression or Many? Philosophy in the Contemporary World 4 (1/2):41-47.
    Enquiry into the relationship between kinds of oppression raises several possibilities. Perhaps there are multiple yet distinct oppressions. If this is so, are there philosophical relationships among them? What are the theoretical distinctions between racism and sexism, for example. The question raised here has to do with the philosophical structure of social dominance, rather than the discrete manifestations usually based on distinct target groups. Although the characteristics of peoples who are targets of each of the individual kinds of (...) are different, and even though many people are multiply oppressed, there is good reason to question the underlying assumption that each form of oppression is fundamentally separate and distinct from the others. There are many deep correspondences shared by specifically focused theories of oppression. It is plausible to suggest there is a single phenomenon called oppression. Perhaps there is only one monster with several heads, rather than many monsters hiding in our communal closet. (shrink)
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    Lani Roberts (2011). Are Women Human? And Other International Dialogues. By CATHARINE A. MACKINNON. Hypatia 26 (1):123-126.