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    Laura Nader (ed.) (1996). Naked Science: Anthropological Inquiry Into Boundaries, Power, and Knowledge. Routledge.
    Naked Science is about contested domains and includes different science cultures: physics, molecular biology, primatology, immunology, ecology, medical environmental, mathematical and navigational domains. While the volume rests on the assumption that science is not autonomous, the book is distinguished by its global perspective. Examining knowledge systems within a planetary frame forces thinking about boundaries that silence or affect knowledge-building. Consideration of ethnoscience and technoscience research within a common framework is overdue for raising questions about deeply held beliefs and assumptions we (...)
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  2. Laura Nader (1976). Standards and What. In Michael A. Rynkiewich & James P. Spradley (eds.), Ethics and Anthropology: Dilemmas in Fieldwork. R.E. Krieger Pub. Co. 167.
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    Laura Nader (1998). Response to Andre Gunder Frank's Review of Naked Science. Social Epistemology 12 (4):335 – 344.
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